091. Cutting Through The BS

On this Warrior Chronicles we cut through the nonsense that is preventing you to live life at it’s optimum.

When you start cutting the BS out of your daily habits it frees you up to start living a genuine and positive life. The BS typically comes from your weak mindset, the lack of knowledge and of course the proverbial procrastination attitude.

090. Finding Your Course of Action

On this straight forward episode we dive deep into the heart of taking action in the real world. As warriors it is crucial to find our own course of action. We must be precise and committed to the betterment of ourselves, even if that means changing the path that you set out to walk.

Our Special Guest is  Special Forces Green Beret Johnny Primo who is the founder of Courses of  Action a cutting edge tactical training company

089. Rise Up a Warrior

On this episode we dive deep into living a life of a warrior. The warrior lifestyle goes beyond beards, mindset and cool guns. It is about living a life with honor, integrity, discipline and a will to give back to our communities. Any person can rise up and be a warrior. It takes the desire and the commitment to make a change. Our special guest is Byron Rodgers who is a USMC battle tested veteran, an Executive Protection Specialist and an Empowerment  Strategist.

087. Pushing Your LimitS

On this dynamic episode we start pushing the limits of life. As warriors we should constantly be seeking to overcome challenges. The goal is to get stronger in body, mind and spirit and they only way to get there is by pushing our limits. Our special guest today is no stranger to pushing his limits. John Bartolo is the CEO of Falkor Defense, Dracos Barrels and is also a World Class Athlete. 

086. Fear is a Killer

On this Warrior Chronicles be prepared to get smacked in the face if you don’t make a change.

Rafa breaks down fear in a very simple manner. He cuts through the BS and tells you like it is. Learn how to move forward to the other side crossing fear and growing from it. The biggest success killer out there is fear. It feeds on your emotion and keeps you paralyzed.

085. A Warrior from The Underworld

On this very interesting episode we dive deep into the underworld and the making of a warrior  under very dangerous conditions.

We travel into the Mexican Drug Wars from a narcotics agent’s eyes and discuss the spiritual and mystical side of these drug cartels. Our Special Guest is Robert Almonte who is the Former U. S. Marshal of the Western District of Texas. Robert was also the Deputy Chief for the El Paso Police Department. He has 32 years of law enforcement experience with expertise in narcotics investigations and undercover work.

084. King of Your Castle

On this episode of Warrior Chronicles we amp it up a bit. We dive into what it takes to be the King of Your Castle. Contrary to popular belief that a King needs to be a ruler and dictator we immediately break that myth.  In the modern age, a King must be a powerful man. He must earn the respect from his family members by being an example. This is not about laying the law down, its about being present , caring and sorting out through your life priorities.

083. Fit For Life

On this energetic episode we dive into living a fit life from a warrior’s perspective. We are not talking about hitting the gym or going on some steroid wave. We are talking about making a life change and being prepared physically and mentally for anything that comes your way. As a warrior you must be always be battle ready.

081. Finding Your Why Through Functional Healing

Join us on this must listen to episode about  performance, healing and finding your why. As warriors attack life day in and day out with tenacity, grit and determination. We may take our bumps and bruises along the way and just absorb them, ignore them and continue with the task at hand, never stopping to heal. This is a huge mistake, our bodies need time to heal and so does our mind. 

079. Pinnacles of Performance

On today’s explosive episode we dive into the heart of of the Overcome Mindset and focus on the pillars of performance. As warriors our life is focused on becoming better, becoming stronger and more efficient. In order to become efficient and operate at a higher level we must overcome challenges and obstacles daily. Our Special Guest is Navy SEAL Jason Redman.

078. Destroy The Root of All Evil

On this Warrior Chronicles Episode episode we search for the meaning of ““the root of all evil” and we focus on destroying it. Many have heard this quote attached to money. The reality is that it has very little to do with money. The root of all evil goes starts off with the decisions you have made in your life that continue to come back to haunt you and what you have done to others that leaves a black cloud hovering on top of you. 

076. Staying Sharp Come Hell or Highwater

On this dynamic episode we focus on staying sharp as a tac even when you are faced with adversity. As warriors we do not let obstacles or challenges slow us down. We work around them or through them coming out the other end stronger and wiser.

Our special guest today is a man that challenges the norm and has earned a reputation as one of the top closers in this planet. Brad Lea is the CEO of Lightspeed VT

074. A Warrior's Boom

On this episode we drop the Boom! This is an unstructured conversation about the warrior’s mindset, discipline, our generation, active shooters, fitness and dive deep into a warrior’s mind.

Our special guest is Navy SEAL Ray “Cash”Care. He is a warrior that can lay down the Boom! Ray is a master motivator , mindset and fitness coach. He is best known for his role as a top tier instructor in the History Channel “The Selection”.