098. Uncommon Valor


On this dynamic episode we look at how warriors persevere and overcome challenges in life. Typically you need the courage to push yourself mentally through what life throws at you. In many cases this is called uncommon valor.

Our special guest is a man who exemplifies uncommon valor not just in the battle field but in life. 

Navy SEAL Remi  Adeleke is an author and an actor, he is man with a conviction to become the best at whatever he puts his mind and soul into.

Remi was born in Nigeria and raised in the tough streets of the Bronx. His life story is a powerful one but more importantly is how he had the tenacity and the grit to make a change in his life for the better. 

Remi went from living a life of abundance in Nigeria to living a tough life in the Bronx. He went from hustler and a drug dealer to a Navy SEAL, actor (Transformers) and an author of his new book titled “Transformed”.

Join us in this deep conversation. There is so much to learn from this episode. We talk about struggles and challenges and how to overcome them, self confidence, tenacity, the warrior mindset and so much more.

As always brace your self for a very raw and in your face episode...

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