096. Beyond The Physical


On this powerful episode to coincide with  the 911 attacks on our turf, we dive deep into the state of mental health. As warriors we live dynamic  lives where overcoming obstacles and challenges is the norm. Courage and bravery are an every day thing and many times we stare horror right in the face while most people would flop to their knees we continue to move forward and put it aside.

These images and these moments are ingrained into our mind. With that said our mental health is sometimes overlooked. Our special guest on this episode is retired Oklahoma City Firefighter Chris Fields. You have probably seen the iconic photo of him holding a baby in his arms during the Oklahoma City Terrorist Bombing. 

Chris dedicates his life now to helping first responders and those in need to get out of the darkness.

You will learn so many things that could help you or someone you love step out of the darkness and into the light.

Grab a pen and paper you do not want to miss this episode