094. From Warfighter to Entrepreneur


On this straight forward episode we talk about transitioning into being an entrepreneur from a different walks of life. As warriors we see entrepreneurship as a very powerful way to share our passion and give back to our society.

Our guest is Patch Baker a Marine Combat Veteran turned Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Mobius and has built and sold 5 companies with a talent for expanding and diversifying client sourcing and revenue streams. Throughout his career, his true passion has always been about the “build”, and the “chase”, of the next major milestone of growth.

Join is in this conversation where we dive into the mindset and resiliency it takes to be an entrepreneur. We also break down confidence and how grinding and spinning your wheels is not a formula for success.

As always, it is great to gain knowledge it is more important to take action. Absorb what you learn in this episode and apply it to your life today. 

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