092. The Will To Survive


Join us in one of the deepest and most touching episodes we have ever recorded. We dive deep into the heart of an ambush terrorist attack by the Los Zetas Cartel against United States ICE Agents. This episode is not for the weak of heart. 

Our special guest today is a warrior and a hero. Retired ICE Agent Victor Avila was severely wounded, and his partner killed, during a mission in a Zetas-dominated territory. This incident went international and until recently the murderers were brought to justice.  

Avila and his partner Jaime Zapata were gun downed in cold blood in an ambush on Highway 57 during a mission by one of the most violent criminal organizations.

Listen to Avila as he recollects the incident, how he survived, how he was able to overcome not just the incident but the aftermath and how he has integrated what he learned from violent incident into his daily life.

This is a very powerful episode that will touch you in a very deep way. There is so much to learn here. Such a raw message that will change the way you look at life.

Don’t miss it and make sure that you take notes. Please Note: This episode is not for those that cannot handle the reality of life.