090. Finding Your Course of Action


On this straight forward episode we dive deep into the heart of taking action in the real world. As warriors it is crucial to find our own course of action. We must be precise and committed to the betterment of ourselves, even if that means changing the path that you set out to walk.

Our Special Guest is  Special Forces Green Beret Johnny Primo who is the founder of Courses of  Action a cutting edge tactical training company.

Primo’s mentality and brutal honesty about life exemplifies the warrior’s spirit.

Primo is not only an elite firearms instructor, he is a shrewd businessman and entrepreneur. His vision is to connect with his students by giving them a true to life experience where they can learn life saving skills and apply them when the shit hits the fan.

Primo is a deep man who had a rough childhood. He overcame major challenges in life to become who he is today. He talks openly about his struggles in life and demonstrates that you can rise up from whatever hole you are in no matter how deep or dark it is.

Join us in one of the most interesting conversations we have had. Take notes and implement what you learn from this episode to your life today!