089. Rise Up a Warrior


On this episode we dive deep into living a life of a warrior. The warrior lifestyle goes beyond beards, mindset and cool guns. It is about living a life with honor, integrity, discipline and a will to give back to our communities. Any person can rise up and be a warrior. It takes the desire and the commitment to make a change.

Our special guest is Byron Rodgers who is a USMC battle tested veteran, an Executive Protection Specialist and an Empowerment  Strategist. He is all about motivating and inspiring others to start walking in the warriors path.

We dive deep into Byron’s mindset and his daily rituals. Learn how he used his challenges and his determination to take him to the next level. He shares with us some great stories of struggles and how he developed his mindset. 

Learn how to rise up no matter where you are in your life, and become a warrior in spirit, mind and body.

This my brothers, is the way of the Man of War.