087. Pushing Your LimitS

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On this dynamic episode we start pushing the limits of life. As warriors we should constantly be seeking to overcome challenges. The goal is to get stronger in body, mind and spirit and they only way to get there is by pushing our limits.

Our special guest today is no stranger to pushing his limits. John Bartolo is the CEO of Falkor Defense, Dracos Barrels and is also a World Class Athlete. 

His mindset is one that will inspire you and set you on the right track.

John is a straight shooter who has a plethora of knowledge in the fitness and tactical world. His perspective of life is passionate and humble. He lives a life that truly embodies the warrior spirit in everything he does.

Learn how to cultivate passion and a strong mindset to re-energize you from the inside out.

This my brothers, is the way of the Man of War.