084. King of Your Castle


On this episode of Warrior Chronicles we amp it up a bit. We dive into what it takes to be the King of Your Castle. Contrary to popular belief that a King needs to be a ruler and dictator we immediately break that myth. 

In the modern age, a King must be a powerful man. He must earn the respect from his family members by being an example. This is not about laying the law down, its about being present , caring and sorting out through your life priorities.

A king leads from the front and cares about others. He puts his family’s problems and concerns before his own, because he cares. If the King falls the Kingdom collapses around him. He is the staple, the ground and the spiritual head. 

Make no mistake, a King needs fuel from his Queen but when the sh*t hits the fan and in the darkness of moments the King must rise. His family and those close to him will look to him for guidance.

If you easily get offended, I urge you to listen to this podcast. You will either hate it or resonate with it. This episode is for warrior minded men and women who need to re-energize their spirit and their family structure. Listen at your own risk. 

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