083. Fit For Life


On this energetic episode we dive into living a fit life from a warrior’s perspective. We are not talking about hitting the gym or going on some steroid wave. We are talking about making a life change and being prepared physically and mentally for anything that comes your way. As a warrior you must be always be battle ready.

Our Special Guest is Navy SEAL Stew Smith who is the founder of Stew Smith Fitness and a best selling author of over thirty books. This guy is an expert on Tactical Fitness.

Join us in this conversation where you will learn why it is so important to be fit not just for your health but to protect your life and the life of your loved ones.

Being fit is part of the warrior culture. You can start off slow and work it in slowly until you progress into a higher level. You want to create habits that increase your discipline and strengthen your mindset.

Whether you are 25 or 55 this episode is for you. You don’t need weights, you don’t need a gym, just get your ass out there and do some type of functional physical activity.

It’s time to step up and change your life. Develop the mental toughness to win in life. The time is now!