081. Finding Your Why Through Functional Healing


Join us on this must listen to episode about  performance, healing and finding your why. As warriors attack life day in and day out with tenacity, grit and determination. We may take our bumps and bruises along the way and just absorb them, ignore them and continue with the task at hand, never stopping to heal. This is a huge mistake, our bodies need time to heal and so does our mind. 

Our special guest today is Dr. Tommy John who is a Performance and Healing Expert. You might know him as All-Star Baseball Player Tommy Johns’ son. The world renowned Tommy John surgery was named after his father who played an amazing 26 seasons.

Dr. TommyJohn is the founder of the Dr.  Tommy John Performance and Healing Center and the author of a newly released book Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance.

This energetic conversation is an important one to have. We discuss shifting your mindset, finding your why, understanding your body, how we have become soft, the importance of understanding the healing process and why breath is so important so much more.

Grab a pen and paper and start taking notes to make changes in your life today. 

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