079. Pinnacles of Performance


On today’s explosive episode we dive into the heart of of the Overcome Mindset and focus on the pillars of performance. As warriors our life is focused on becoming better, becoming stronger and more efficient.

In order to become efficient and operate at a higher level we must overcome challenges and obstacles daily.

Our Special Guest is Navy SEAL Jason Redman. On September 13, 2007 while acting as Assault Force Commander on an operation to capture an Al Qaeda High Value Individual LT Redman’s Assault Team came under heavy machine gun and small arms fire and he along with two other Teammates were wounded in the ensuing firefight. Despite being shot twice in the arm and once in the face, as well as multiple rounds to his helmet, Night Vision Goggles, body armor, and weapon, Jason and his Team fought valiantly winning the fight, ensuring everyone came home alive.

Jason is a best selling author of “The Trident” where he tells his story, he is also a world renowned motivational speaker and the founder of Combat Wounded Coalition.

Turn up the volume and let it sink in. We talk about mindset, overcoming challenges, fear, spirituality, self-confidence and so much more. 

There is so much to learn here. Redman opens up about his challenges in his life both on and off the battlefield. You will make a connection with him that will inspire you to make a change. 

Step up and make a change and start a journey of self discovery on your way to living a life that embodies the warrior spirit.

Jason will be one of our guest speakers at the Conclave of Warriors...Don't Miss it!

Check Out Jason's Website