077. To Hell and Back


On this raw and heartfelt episode we pick it up where we left off nearly one year ago. We dive deep into the black hole and learn how to come out alive. As warriors perseverance, tenacity, mindset and the will to fight are key components to living a warrior life.

Our special guest today is retired ATF undercover agent and New York Times Best Selling Author Jay Dobyns. This man is a warrior who has been there and done that. Dobyns was credited for dismantling one one of the most violent criminal enterprises this country has ever experienced.  The Hells Angels Motor Cycle Gang will go down in history as one of the most notorious and violent motor cycle gangs.

Join us in this deep conversation where brutal honesty takes a forefront. This is an eye opening conversation where you will learn that mindset, perseverance and the sheer will to live can make a difference no matter what you are going through in your life. 

Dobyns speaks from the heart and leaves nothing on the table. You get a raw and unfiltered conversation that will uplift you and leave you feeling stronger.

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