076. Staying Sharp Come Hell or Highwater


On this dynamic episode we focus on staying sharp as a tac even when you are faced with adversity. As warriors we do not let obstacles or challenges slow us down. We work around them or through them coming out the other end stronger and wiser.

Our special guest today is a man that challenges the norm and has earned a reputation as one of the top closers in this planet. Brad Lea is the CEO of Lightspeed VT, the  host of a very successful podcast “Dropping Bombs” and the creator of “Makin Moves”. He is also a world renowned speaker who inspires and motivates people to make a change. 

Brad inspires everyone, no matter what their background is, to get off their ass and make something of themselves.

He lives a life that embodies the warrior spirit. Brad gives of himself to help others daily and believes that everyone has the potential to change their lives for the better, no matter what rutt they are in.

Join us in this enlightening conversation where you will learn how to overcome challenges, how to be real,  what it means to be gritty and why it has  disappeared and of course why it is always important to try even if you make a mistakes.

Whip out a pen and paper take notes and be prepared to make a change in your life today!