072. The Path To Self Discovery


On this deep episode we dive deep into the journey of self discovery and the connection of spirituality with the modern day warrior.

Our special guest is Navy SEAL Jason Pike who is a highly spiritual warrior and the co-owner of United Defense Tactical. Jason bridges the gap in his tactical firearms training by empowering individuals to embark in a journey of self discovery in order to infuse spirituality into their life. He uses firearms training as a springboard to connect the body mind and spirit.

This is a tell it like it is episode, in your face, nothing politically correct here, just brutal honesty that will inspire you to embrace spirituality even through the most challenging times of your life.

Learn the mindset, strategies and the importance of faith in good times or bad. This is one of those episodes that makes you question the meaning of your life. Take action and implement what you learn, you will be better tomorrow than you are today.