070. Man Up and Dominate


On our 70th episode we take it to an entirely new level. We focus on how to dominate life by Manning Up. Our society continues to emasculate men and we as warriors will not tolerate it. Elite Warriors are the core of our society, what makes this world tick. 

Our special guest today is world recognized entrepreneur Bedros Kuilien who is the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp and a best selling author. His story is powerful and will make you appreciate life. 

Bedros inspires and motivates in the most direct and raw form. This man holds no punches and does not hide behind political correctness.

Join us in this deep conversation where you will learn how to dominate life and the true essence of being a successful man. We go into the mindset which Bedros used to become a top level entrepreneur. We also get a glimpse into his vision and mission for life and his daily routine.

If you want to be inspired and get the tools you need to change your life. You have come to the right place.