032. Beauty of a Darker Soul

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Join us in this powerful episode where delve deep into the heart of human connection and the warrior mindset as it pertains to trauma, PTSD or individuals going through very difficult times in their life. 

We welcome back Josh Mantz who is a warrior on a mission to change the paradigm. Josh is a purple heart recipient and a best selling author of  The Beauty of a Darker Soul.

His story is powerful and transcendent.  While deployed in Iraq Josh was shot and killed by a sniper round which ruptured his femoral artery. He flatlined for over fifteen minutes. After a heroic effort by his medical staff they were able to save him and bring him back to life. Josh pushed through with a warrior’s mindset and sheer will. A few months later he did the unprovable and returned to Iraq to fight next to his brothers. What followed was a decade-long emotional struggle as he sought to find meaning in a second life. Ultimately, he learned that our greatest strength is found within the connection we share with each other.

This is an  important conversation for everyone to hear. We dive into The Beauty of the Darker Soul and extract key components that can easily be life changing. So many great lessons are learned here that can be immediately implemented to your life or the life of someone that you know. 

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