024. A Warrior's Dominion


On today's special episode we focus on the Warriors Dominion of his body, mind and spirit. Dominion is one of the main components of the modern day warrior archetype.  A warriors dominion over his being separates him from the average man.

Our special guest is Ray "Cash"Care. He served our nation for 10 years in the SEAL teams. Ray is well known from the History Channel's hit series, "The Selection: Special Operations Experiment" where he was an instructor. He has also been in movies such as Captain Phillips and hosted the BBC smash hit, "Ultimate Hellweek," and "Modern Shooter." Ray is also a former winner of the "Ultimate Soldier Challenge." This guy is the real deal. He is raw and to the point and pulls no punches. He is also a family man, that lives   with passion and gives of himself to help and inspire others of all walks of life as a motivational speaker and a physical trainer. 

Join us in this wide ranging conversation about the way of the warrior in today's world. We go into discipline, mindset, raising kids, crushing fear and much more. There are so many lessons to be learned here. Whip out your pen and paper and take notes but most importantly start implementing what you learn from this episode to your life.

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