019. Free Your Mind


In this inspirational episode we focus on the power of resiliency to overcome struggles, obstacles and life changing incidents. The ultimate goal is to free your mind from self imposed limits that can can hinder you useless. 

Our Guest is Sam Morris, he is the founder of Zen Warrior Training. Sam's inspirational story starts In 1999, just after leading a bicycling trip for nine teenagers across the United States, Sam was in a car accident caused by a drunk driver which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Years of struggle from his condition forced him to experience over a dozen surgeries and to lie down for over three years. Determined to not become the victim of his circumstances, Sam learned and created a system of mental and physical training based in Zen philosophy, meditation and somatic disciplines that healed his mind and body and fortified his spirit.

Sam is a keynote speaker, Zen Warrior Training workshop facilitator and life coach. He has been featured in numerous magazines, podcasts and radio shows. Sam's no-nonsense approach to life is intoxicating, he does not believe in a victim mentality and has refused to let the wheelchair slow him down. 

Make no mistake about it, don't bring your excuses here. Join us in this dynamic conversation about how warriors free their mind by never giving up no matter what life throws their way. So many lessons learned here that you can implement to your life right now.

Reach Sam at www.zenwarriortraining.com

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