130. Fit is NOT a Diet


In this enlightening episode 130 we answer the question why health is a primary component in living a warrior life. We dig deep into the mentality of staying fit at any age and why proper nutrition is essential. We go down the Keto path and reveal a bunch of myths and some great information about this type of lifestyle.

Our guest is Thom King who is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of Stevia Brands, "Guy Called Keto" and an author.

Founded by King in 1999, Stevia Brands Inc. is one of the largest importers, manufacturers and distributors of clean-label sweetening systems and natural sweeteners. Emulating such renowned entrepreneurs such as the Wright Brothers and Steve Jobs, King started his company by first asking the critical question, “Why?” Based on the understanding that it’s only by determining the “why” of what you want to do that you can achieve lasting success, King’s business isn’t simply something he does for a living. It stands as a testament to who he is, what he does and how he lives his life.

Join us in this interesting and thought provoking conversation where we cover subjects such as mindset, diet, Keto, discipline, entrepreneurship, fitness and so much more.

For this one I would highly recommend that you whip out a pen and paper and take some notes!

As always don't just listen to this podcast, apply these elements to your life starting today.

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