127. Become Unstoppable


On episode 127 we charge you up with inspiration and some powerful elements that will make you unstoppable in business and in  life! 

Our special guest is Craig Ballantyne who is an elite entrepreneur, top tier business coac, best selling author and guru on social media.

He is also the co host of the very popular empire podcast and empire mastermind. 

Craig is a warrior in the business world. He infuses discipline and mental toughness to achieve optimum performance. He thrives on helping others be the best versions of themselves.

Join us in this powerful conversation where you will learn how to integrate discipline into your life, strengthen your mindset, take action, surround yourself with others who are where you want to be, best ways to get influence on instagram, how to live life with purpose and so much more.

As always, we keep it raw and unfiltered. Listen at your own risk.