124. Fight With a Purpose


On this dynamic episode we dive into the physicality of combat sports and how fighters have stories that go beyond the cage. As warriors we must always be battle ready.  You may not compete at a professional level however there are so many lessons that you can learn from those who do.  As warriors we are constantly learning and honing our mentality and physicality to maintain a battle ready attitude for the combat of life. 

Our special guest is Michael Johnson who is a professional MMA fighter  and featherweight contender in the UFC. Michael has been ranked as high as #5 in the world and continues to fight with a purpose at a very high level.

Michael is more than a fighter he is a man with tremendous purpose and lives his life with honor. 

Join us in this conversation where we discuss mindset, discipline, society, training, honor, courage and so much more…

As always make sure that you take notes because so much in this episode is applicable to daily life. Rise up a warrior and always fight with a purpose.As always listen at your own risk!