122. The Power of Faith


On this inspirational episode we dive deep into the power of faith, hope and how to live a powerful healthy life at any age. Make no mistake the type of faith and hope we are talking about requires action and a strong mindset.

Our special guest today is Asa Andrews. He has a book long list of credentials to include top 50 talk radio host, NYT best selling author, TV personality, Physician and entrepreneur. He is a warrior in the way he lives his life and the way he gives of himself to help others.

This is one of those episodes where there is so many takeaways for anyone struggling in their lives.

Join us as we talk about mindset, health, courage, manhood, spirituality, entrepreneurship and define the modern day warrior.

Take notes and start integrating these elements into your life right now. This is as real as it gets and as usual we pull no punches.

Listen at your own risk.

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