121. A Hell of a Success Story


On this down deep episode we visit hell and come back around to the sun light. This is one of those episodes where we dig deep into a warrior’s mind.

Our special guest is Mel Chancey a man, a warrior who released the demons in his closet when he served prison time for being the president of one of the most notorious biker gangs in this country, the Hell’s Angels.

Mel went from violence to finding inner peace and changing his life around inside the four walls of a prison cell. His story is powerful and should connect with everyone listening to this episode. It is about struggle, violence, success and above all an uprising of the spirit.

Mel is an entrepreneur, a managing partner for Core Medical, an ambassador for the IFBB/NPC and a motivator. His philosophy is all about helping others and living life with a purpose.

Join us in this inspiring conversation where we dive deep into the heart of living in the outlaw biker world, the realities of life, the lessons that Mel learned, how he changed his life and why it is so important to live a life with meaning always remembering that there is a higher purpose for you being on this earth.

Whip out your pencil and paper and take notes. As always we leave nothing on the table and don’t pull any punches. Listen at your own risk.

Mel Chancey at managing partner at Core Medical Group.

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