118. Brad Lea Breakout Sessions Conclave of Warriors


In this special episode we take you inside the breakout sessions at the powerful Conclave of Warriors in Miami.

Warriors came together from all over the world at this inaugural life changing event. An explosive movement was created focusing on living lives that embody a warrior spirit.

The elite line up of speakers included some bad ass dudes who have been there and done that but most importantly are out to change lives and help others become better versions of themselves, warriors.

In this breakout / Q&A session, Brad Lea drops some bombs. He is an elite entrepreneur and CEO of VT Lightspeed as well a Social Media Influencer. Brad is as real as it gets.

Join us for a every real conversation where nothing is scripted and every word spoken is raw and heartfelt.

Sit back, take notes and start implementing what you learn on this episode to your life.

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