116. Great is The Enemy of Good


On this high energy episode we start connecting the dots between living a warrior life and a successful life. The focus is why good is not enough and being great should be the mission. In short when Great is the Enemy of Good.

Our special guest is Pat Flynn who is an elite entrepreneur an award-winning author, trainer of special forces and professional athletes and those who are neither. He’s consulted some of the largest brands in the fitness industry today and continues to do so in other fields. Pat is an A-T philosopher with a high interest on human performance and ultimately human happiness.

This is a very deep episode. We dive deep into the realities of life and what truly matters.

We cover mindset, self confidence, spirituality, success, money, task handling, priorities, overcoming obstacles what a generalist is and of course the definition of a modern day warrior.

Do not miss this thought provoking episode. After listening to this you will not be the same.

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