114. Living Life With Purpose


On this charged up episode we dive deep into the warrior's mindset and how we can use it to live a life with purpose.

Our special guest today is Juan Carlos Santana. He was born in Cuba and came to this country at a young age. He stepped up and made a name for himslef theough diligent hard work and a passion to help others. He is the founder of the Institute of Human Performance, world renowned trainer and best selling author of seventeen (17) books. To say this guy has wisdom is an under statement.

JC is one energized individual who tells it like it is. He implements the warrior mindset in everything he does. He puts his heart and soul behind helping people achieve levels they never though they could.

Join us in this conversation which will connect with you if you are interested in living a life with passion, gusto and a dynamic energy then you have come to the right place.

As always listen, learn and take action.

Go Check Out Santana’s Website