108. Rawness; The Road Less Traveled


On this say it like it is episode we keep it as real as it gets. We take you through a road less traveled and dive into life and business with the rawness of a special forces operator.

Our special guest today is 20 year Army Special Forces veteran and Jay Paisley. This guy is a tactical firearms instructor, entrepreneur and a modern day warrior.

We dive deep into Jay's mindset and way of life. He is a straight shooter and speaks from the heart.

Many people believe that everything is rainbow and fairy tales. We discuss the monsters and the evil that roam our planet and active shooter incidents that have crushed so many lives.

We also talk about violence of action, self defense, turning your switch on, immersing in your training, discipline, investing in yourself, and the making of a warrior.

This is an episode that every warrior minded individual should listen to. Turn up the volume and enjoy.