014. Active Shooter Survival


 On this Special Release episode we focus on Active Shooter Survival from a Warrior's Perspective. By popular demand, Rafa Conde brings you Call To Action #2. This episode is in response to the Las Vegas Mass Shooting, it is not for the weak hearted or the easily offended.  

 October 1,2017 was a sad day for all human kind. The Las Vegas Active Shooter Incident was hard to swallow, it was the worst mass shooting massacre on U.S soil. While my blood was boiling and every ounce of my being wanted to be there, I felt compelled to record an episode where I covered key elements to survive an active shooter incident, this from a warrior's perspective.

We go over the key elements that will help you survive an active shooter incident: Perception, Advance-Situational Awareness, Mindset, Fighting Spirit, Cover-Concealment, Shielding, First Aid, Breath Control and Adaptive Tactics. Anyone can apply these elements to survive an active shooter incident.

I hope that you gain some valuable information from this show and store it in your toolbox. Even if you remember a couple of these proven tactics and techniques I shared in this episode, I have done my job. To save a life is worth every ounce of energy I put into this show.

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