009. The Will To Live


Join us in this Special Episode. On today's show we focus on one of the most important aspects of the Warrior's Spirit- The Will to Live. In this highly inspirational conversation we sit down with Captain Josh Mantz who is retired from theU.S. Army. He is is a West Point Graduate, recipient of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Valor. 

Mantz has made appearances on CNN, Fox News, BBC, and recently delivered a TEDx Talk in the Dominican Republic. He is an example of a warrior that defied all odds to continue walking on this earth with a purpose. 

While on patrol in Iraq, a sniper’s bullet severely wounded him and killed his comrade. Mantz was dead for 15 minutes which is more than double what the brain can handle without being damaged. Mantz will to live was evident when he pulled through and survived. Thanks to the medics that never gave up on him, Mantz not only survivedbut his brain did not suffer any damage. Five months later, like a warrior, Mantz was on his way back to the middle east for another tour to fight next to his brothers. 

Mantz is focused on delivering his inspirational message to everyone that he can help. He is a Keynote Speaker and authorof his upcoming book titled, “The Beauty of a Darker Soul:  Overcoming Trauma through the Power of Human Connection” . The book is due to be published in late 2017.

Don't miss this episode where we dig deep into the mind of this warrior. There are so many life lessons learned here that can be applied to living a life a that embodies the warrior spirit.