007. Rite of Passage


In this episode we focus on Rites of Passages to manhood that have been all but lost in our society. Learn what separates a warrior from the common man and how to implement the warrior spirit into all facets of your life.

Join us in this deep and thought provoking conversation with Frank Miniter. He is a warrior minded adventure journalist and New York Times Best Selling Author of The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide. He has floated the Amazon and run with the bulls of Pamplona. Along the way he was taught to box by Floyd Patterson, spelunked into Pompey’s Cave, climbed the Gunks, and graduated from the oldest private military college (Norwich University) in the U.S. He was a Senior Editor at Outdoor Life magazine and was the Executive Editor of American Hunter magazine. Miniter is a contributor to Forbes, is a Field Editor for the NRA’s American Hunter, is a contributor to Outdoor Life, and also writes for FOX News, The Washington Times, and American Rifleman. He has also been a guest on FOX News, The World Over with Raymond Arroyo, One America News’On Point with Tomi Lahren and Glen Beck's show to name a few.

Our conversation explores what it takes to be a warrior in today's world and why men must regain confidence in order to step up to a higher level for their families. We also go in to Running with the Bulls in Spain and Miniter's first hand experience of an old school Rite of Passage. 

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