006. Be Bold and Fight Life Head On


In this show we focus on Boldness which is defined as the lack of hesitation in the face of danger. Our guest Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman went from being a Spanish teacher to a top contender in the UFC. His warrior determination and boldness pushed him through to achieve his dream which soon turned into reality, upsetting #6 ranked fighter in the world, Rick Story in 2011. Soon after, his life changed and he skyrocketed into the world rankings.

Charlie has been a master at transitioning his experience as a professional fighter from the cage to speaking and mentoring. His journey inspired him to author a book titled "Driven" which has served as his platform for inspiring others to achieve greatness.

Our conversation will uncover how boldness can be applied to your life and make you stronger from the inside out. We will go into the mind of a fighter and most importantly learn the lessons of his trials and tribulations. Join us and dive into the very real world of of one man's pursuit to embody the warriors's spirit in all aspects of his life. There are many lessons learned here that can easily be implemented into your daily life. 

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