123. Get Fit or Die

On this pumped episode we strip away the complicated methodologies of getting in great physical shape. As modern day warriors we need to be battle ready not just in mind but also in body. Our special guest is Andy Sziraki. He is an internationally recognized elite level performance coach, entrepreneur and fitness influencer. Andy is known for his intoxicating fire ball of energy who keeps his tribe motivated day and day out.

122. The Power of Faith

On this inspirational episode we dive deep into the power of faith, hope and how to live a powerful healthy life at any age. Make no mistake the type of faith and hope we are talking about requires action and a strong mindset. Our special guest today is Asa Andrews. He has a book long list of credentials to include top 50 talk radio host, NYT best selling author, TV personality, Physician and entrepreneur.

121. A Hell of a Success Story

On this down deep episode we visit hell and come back around to the sun light. This is one of those episodes where we dig deep into a warrior’s mind. Our special guest is Mel Chancey a man, a warrior who released the demons in his closet when he served prison time for being the president of one of the most notorious biker gangs in this country, the Hell’s Angels.

119. Zerolutions

On this Warrior Chronicles we say it just like it is… Most American talk about New Years resolutions like it is the word of God. The reality is that 99% of the people who make resolutions don’t ever do anything with it.

You have the ability to be different, to be someone that can make a change and hang on to it. It’s called taking action and following through on your promise to yourself.

118. Brad Lea Breakout Sessions Conclave of Warriors

In this special episode we take you inside the breakout sessions at the powerful Conclave of Warriors in Miami.Warriors came together from all over the world at this inaugural life changing event. An explosive movement was created focusing on living lives that embody a warrior spirit. The elite line up of speakers included some bad ass dudes who have been there and done that but most importantly are out to change lives and help others become better versions of themselves, warriors.

117. Live an Actionable Life

On this Warrior Chronicles we keep it real. No fancy inspirational talk, more like straight no BS.

Rafa and Kevo discuss how warriors live actionable lives. Most people love study and learn via books, watching videos and listening to podcasts but when it comes down to taking action, well they are not very good at it. Listen closely and you will hear the underlying message of get off your ass and take action, move , do something...With that action creativity will soon follows.

116. Great is The Enemy of Good

On this high energy episode we start connecting the dots between living a warrior life and a successful life. The focus is why good is not enough and being great should be the mission. In short when Great is the Enemy of Good. Our special guest is Pat Flynn who is an elite entrepreneur an award-winning author, trainer of special forces and professional athletes and those who are neither.

114. Living Life With Purpose

On this charged up episode we dive deep into the warrior's mindset and how we can use it to live a life with purpose. Our special guest today is Juan Carlos Santana. He was born in Cuba and came to this country at a young age. He stepped up and made a name for himslef theough diligent hard work and a passion to help others. He is the founder of the Institute of Human Performance, world renowned trainer and best selling author of seventeen (17) books. To say this guy has wisdom is an under statement.

112. Turning Knowledge into Action

On this powerful episode we dive into the heart of a warrior. We focus on knowledge and how important it is as long as you take action. You have heard the expression, knowledge is king and there is some truth to that. As warriors our goal is not only to gain knowledge but to act on it. That is when the true worth of knowledge shines. Our special guest is Patrick Fitzgibbons, he is a Police Commander and the founder of CJ Evolution a highly regarded podcast focused on the criminal justice professional.

109. The Truth About Failure

On this Warrior Chronicles episode we break down the truth behind failure. Most people quit when they fail. Some don't ever try again and some will hit themselves against the wall 100 times before they snap out of it. Embracing failure does not mean that you want to fail every time, on the contrary, failure should be used as a learning tool for victory and success. Use it to your favor.

108. Rawness; The Road Less Traveled

On this say it like it is episode we keep it as real as it gets. We take you through a road less traveled and dive into life and business with the rawness of a special forces operator. Our special guest today is 20 year Army Special Forces veteran and Jay Paisley. This guy is a tactical firearms instructor, entrepreneur and a modern day warrior. We dive deep into Jay's mindset and way of life. He is a straight shooter and speaks from the heart.

105. Stop Lying to Yourself

Join us on this in your face Warrior where Chronicles Rafa and Kevo do not pull any punches.

A good chunk of our society lives in their own lies. This can be seen from social media “influencers” to posers and pikers all over. The reality is that lying to yourself is not the road to success. It is a shady road that will lead you down a path that will leave you in the dust.