040. Violence of Action

Join us In this very timely episode where we focus on Violence of Action which is a key component of the warrior minded man. There are times when warriors must step up and unleash the wrath of violence to rescue themselves and save the lives of their loved ones. 

This show was recorded a few days before the Parkland Mass School Shooting. It is very powerful and a must listen for anyone that wants to protect themselves and their families. 

039. Be a Hero

In this Warrior Log Episode I reflect on what being a hero is and how you can be one in your life. 

These reflections come after the Parkland Mass Shooting that occurred in my backyard. Rather than focus on the negativity and the sadness of that incident I was inspired by a hero football coach who laid down his life to protect his students. 

036. Warriors Give Back

In this bad ass episode we go into the spirit of the Warrior. One of the key elements that separates the average man from a warrior is the warrior’s inner drive to give back, to give of himself and to inspire others. Our guests today are retired Navy SEAL/former Law Enforcement Officer Clark Impastato and retired Marine John Badon. Both warriors are lead instructors for Black Tree Experience in Texas. 

034. Self Defense as a Way of Life

In this episode we go down a path that is close to my heart. We talk about the Self Defense as a way of life. The combat arts in one form or another are key components of the warrior archetype. As protectors, warrior’s are the shield that separates life from death.

Our guest today is Travis DiLeo, this young man was forged in the martial arts from a very young age and has set an unwavering example for our younger generation of warriors.

033. Warrior Log #4

In this Warrior Log episode #4, we focus on every day strategies that will strengthen your courage. Rafa goes into why men lack courage and how courage is one of the most important keys to being successful in all aspects of your life. Facing fear head on, doing things that are outside your comfort zone and communicating directly and without the bullshit are the highlights of this episode.  

Hold on for an inspirational off the cuff totally unstructured conversation where you will be inspired to take action on the road to living a life that embodies the Warrior Spirit. 


032. Beauty of a Darker Soul

Join us in this powerful episode where delve deep into the heart of human connection and the warrior mindset as it pertains to trauma, PTSD or individuals going through very difficult times in their life. We welcome back Josh Mantz who is a warrior on a mission to change the paradigm. Josh is a purple heart recipient and a best selling author of  The Beauty of a Darker Soul. His story is powerful and transcendent.  While deployed in Iraq Josh was shot and killed by a sniper bullet...

031. Warrior Log #3

In this Warrior Log episode we focus on a very dirty word called respect. My wife joins me in this conversation to give us a woman’s perspective. We talk about why respect is so important, how to integrate it into your life, why our society lacks respect, why we need to show respect to our children by being good examples and why respecting personal space is crucial to living a warrior lifestyle.

030. Living a Warrior Lifestyle

n this brutally honest special episode we focus on living a warrior lifestyle. Only 1% of men make it to an elite level. The men that make it into this category are known as modern day warriors. Our special guest is one bad ass man who embodies the warrior mindset in all facets of his life. Pat McNamara is a retired U.S. Army Delta Force Operator, world renowned firearms instructor,

029. Warrior Log #2

In this raw episode we focus on destroying the Wussy Man Syndrome. Note: This episode is not for the faint of heart, listen at your own risk. The rise of emasculation has been observed in nearly every facet of society, from the media, to movies and day to day interaction with men that have fallen victim to this syndrome. 

028. A Warrior's Skillset

In this dynamic episode we focus on the Warrior's mindset and skills to live an alpha lifestyle. As warrior minded individuals we must constantly sharpen our skillset in order to prepare us for the combat of life.

Our special guests today are Jason Swarr and Ben Tirpak who are the heart of Skillset Magazine.  These two warrior minded men have made it a point to take the alpha movement to the next level.

027. Warrior Log #1

In this inspirational episode 1 of Warrior Log, we dive into key components that make up the Modern Day Warrior. Every Friday we will release a short 10 minute high speed episode to set you on the way to greatness. Listen as Rafa Conde speaks from the heart, he is raw and to the point. Please Note: This series of episodes are not for the faint of heart.

026. 2017 Highlights

In this part 1 episode I take you back to some of the best 2017 highlights. Listen to powerful conversations with warrior minded men. There are so many lessons learned in this show.  We will cover the warrior mindset , how to attack fear, overcoming adversity, getting stronger through discipline and confidence, leading from the front and so much more. 

022. Become an Elite Man

n this episode we focus on how to become an elite man. We delve deep into what it takes for men to step up to an elite level. Confidence, Courage and Mindset are cornerstones of an elite man. Our guest in this episode is Justin Stenstrom who is a nationally-acclaimed life coach, author and founder of Elite Man Magazine and Elite Man Podcast.