020. Eradicate Negativity

This Special 20th episode is  a great stepping stone for the Man of War Podcast. We focus on Self-Confidence and how to develop it by Eradicating Negativity from our lives, the warrior's way. As warriors we don't have any room for negativity. We use challenges and obstacles as springing boards to develop and strengthen our self confidence. This is done by implementing key elements that combat the negative insurgency in our lives.

019. Free Your Mind

In this inspirational episode we focus on the power of resiliency to overcome struggles, obstacles and life changing incidents. The ultimate goal is to free your mind from self imposed limits that can hinder you useless. Our Guest is Sam Morris, he is the founder of Zen Warrior Training. Sam's inspirational story starts In 1999, just after leading a bicycling trip for nine teenagers across the United States,

018. Priority of Life

In this super timely episode we focus on PRIORITY OF LIFE ,specifically saving lives during active shooter/mass shooting incidents. Mass shootings have increased radically over the last few years. Churches, Concerts, Schools Movie Theaters have been places of horror, where evil people have taken precious and innocent lives.  As warriors we refuse to be victims our instincts are to protect and save lives. This show is all about saving lives from the tactical medical care side. Truly a very important episode to gain critical knowledge. 

016. In Pursuit of Excellence

In this dynamic episode we focus on striving for excellence through the implementation of key leadership tactics. This conversation highlights the connection of two warrior minds from different backgrounds but with similar missions. Our special guest today is retired Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson. He is an acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Author of TakingPoint and a Successful Entrepreneur. 

012. To Hell and Back

In this episode we focus on fortitude and courage which are key components of the warrior archetype. These elements are forged and strengthened by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Our special guest is no stranger to being outside his comfort zone, world renowned former ATF Special Agent Jay Dobyns has been to hell and back. He has lived amongst the most violent criminals this country has ever seen, the Hell's Angels. Jay achieved worldwide notoriety as one of history's most daring undercover operators during numerous high-octane missions targeting America's most violent criminals. 

011. Only The Strong

n this fired up episode we focus on the balance of body, mind and spirit. Our guest is Greg Amundson. This man is a warrior in a multitude of ways. He is a founding athlete of CrossFit and served in the Army and in law enforcement to include SWAT and as a Special Agent (SA) with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on the Southwest Border. 

010. The Habits of Warriors

In this episode we focus on the habits of warriors. We address the makeup of a warrior in combat, in business and in life. 

Our guest is Eric Davis who served our country as a U.S. Navy SEAL and is a decorated veteran of the Global War on Terror. Eric has been recognized as one of the premier sniper instructors in the U.S. military. He was part of an elite group of hand-selected warriors who perform intelligence collection in denied areas around the world. Eric is also the author of "Raising Men: Lessons Navy SEALs learned from their training and taught to their sons".

009. The Will To Live

Join us in this Special Episode. On today's show we focus on one of the most important aspects of the Warrior's Spirit- The Will to Live. In this highly inspirational conversation we sit down with Captain Josh Mantz who is retired from theU.S. Army. He is is a West Point Graduate, recipient of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Valor. 

Mantz has made appearances on CNN, Fox News, BBC, and recently delivered a TEDx Talk in the Dominican Republic. He is an example of a warrior that defied all odds to continue walking on this earth with a purpose. 

007. Rite of Passage

In this episode we focus on Rites of Passages to manhood that have been all but lost in our society. Learn what separates a warrior from the common man and how to implement the warrior spirit into all facets of your life.

Join us in this deep and thought provoking conversation with Frank Miniter. He is a warrior minded adventure journalist and New York Times Best Selling Author of The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide. He has floated the Amazon and run with the bulls of Pamplona. Along the way he was taught to box by Floyd Patterson, spelunked into Pompey’s Cave, climbed the Gunks, and graduated from the oldest private military college (Norwich University) in the U.S.

006. Be Bold and Fight Life Head On

In this show we focus on Boldness which is defined as the lack of hesitation in the face of danger. Our guest Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman went from being a Spanish teacher to a top contender in the UFC. His warrior determination and boldness pushed him through to achieve his dream which soon turned into reality, upsetting #6 ranked fighter in the world, Rick Story in 2011. Soon after, his life changed and he skyrocketed into the world rankings.