056. Optimum Performance

In this dynamic episode we on how you can achieve optimum performance. Warriors operate at a much higher levels than average men. As in combat, in life, It is imperative to be efficient and to be clicking in all gears.

Our special guest is Dr. Mark Cheng. He is a rarity in the fields of acupuncture , Chinese Medicine, traditional martial arts, combative sciences and functional movement-based sports training.

055. Battle Dress For Success

On this episode of Warrior Chronicles 15 we dive into the importance of your appearance and how you dress for success.  Yes, warrior minded men are sharp dressers in their unique style. Being sloppy is not part of a warrior’s demeanor or look. When we battle dress for success we are going to war. Just like you need to trust your gear in the battlefield you need to give off good impressions.



054. A Warrior's Best Friend

In this off the cuff episode we explore the connection of dogs and warriors. K9’s have always been a man’s best friend. They have been used in the battle fields for decades. Instinctively they will give their lives to protect their handlers and serve them for the the span of their lives. K9’s are truly a man’s best friend.

053. Hack Away The Unessentials

In this Warrior Chronicles 14, Rafa strips away the unessentials that way you down in life. As warriors you must navigate life at high speed with minimal drag. Rafa grits it out leaving nothing on the table. The reality of baggage can come in many forms. It can stem from your thoughts, to the food you eat to the people you hang out with. 



052. The Way of the Warrior Poet

On this powerful episode we focus on living a life as a warrior poet. Life goes beyond running and gunning.

The “Warrior Poet” is a protector who trains and fights for higher purpose. They are members of a rare fraternity of warriors who fight with intellect, conviction, and great skill. Motivated by a love for others, warrior poets become students of the art of war so that they may triumph when the enemy calls.

050. Zen Mind | Warrior Spirit

In this special 50th episode we focus on two key components that make up a modern day warrior. The clarity of mind (Zen Mind) and the indomitable fighting spirit (Warrior Spirit).

Mastering the mind comes from zen discipline and constant training. The cultivation of the warrior spirit occurs when you persevere and push yourself beyond  your self imposed limits. 

049. Defining Success

In this Warrior Log #12, Rafa focuses on defining success from a warrior’s perspective. Success is an attitude. Success requires maximum effort and it is an absolute state of mind. 

In the end success is different for everyone but for warriors, success is about achieving a high level where we can not only give our self things but be able to provide your loved ones with experiences that they may never have if it was not for your success.



047. Never Quit

On today’s episode we focus on two simple words that embody the warrior’s way to success “NEVER QUIT”. These two words are simple in their meaning but not in their application in life. This is truly the way to live life to the fullest.

Our special guest today is  Nick Koumalatsos. He is a former RECON and MARSOC Marine, and since his separation from the CORPs, he’s been pushing the envelope of personal development

045. Full Spectrum Warrior

On today’s episode we dive deep into what it takes to balance peace and war. As warriors we are constantly striving for this balance in our lives.

Todays special guest is Rich Graham who is the founder of Full Warrior Spectrum Inc. As a Navy SEAL he learned to balance life much deeper than the average man. He found the switch that lead him to deep spirituality and decisively stepped out of the box to find his calling of becoming a tactical firearms instructor and K9 Expert. 

044. Knowing Fear

On this special episode we focus on knowing our fear. Fear is one of the most incapacitating emotions that can creep up into the heart of a warrior during hyper violent confrontations. 

Our special guest is world renowned self defense expert Tony Blauer. Tony continues to teach the Military, Law Enforcement and Vetted Civilians throughout the globe. His simplistic yet effective approach to self protection has earned him a very strong following Including Navy SEALs and SWAT Teams throughout the U.S. 

040. Violence of Action

Join us In this very timely episode where we focus on Violence of Action which is a key component of the warrior minded man. There are times when warriors must step up and unleash the wrath of violence to rescue themselves and save the lives of their loved ones. 

This show was recorded a few days before the Parkland Mass School Shooting. It is very powerful and a must listen for anyone that wants to protect themselves and their families. 

039. Be a Hero

In this Warrior Log Episode I reflect on what being a hero is and how you can be one in your life. 

These reflections come after the Parkland Mass Shooting that occurred in my backyard. Rather than focus on the negativity and the sadness of that incident I was inspired by a hero football coach who laid down his life to protect his students.